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Air of Dawn

I live near the psychic capital of the world. I have always believed that there are those more gifted in observing subtle aspects of the energy of life. I know there are always people ready to take advantage of other people, but I tend to groove with the idea that the universe can speak to us as individuals and for a few that are more sensitive, to them on our behalf. The gifted ones always shine brightest if you are paying attention.

Several years ago, I went to the Spiritualist Camp and found myself drawn to one lady in particular. Dawn was a quite small with long flowing gray hair halfway down her back, but she sparked me as quite remarkable. Without speaking, I could see that she radiated with the warmth and energy like the hope of a new day or a favorite aunt. I felt as though she already knew me and yet we had never met. We sat down to talk in a small room, and she changed me in ways I will never forget.

She told me that I was a writer and that I needed to start writing again. She said I had things inside me that needed to be shared with others. She assured me that I had not walked through the events of my life and learned those lessons in my path to keep it on the inside, but that those things would heal others as well. Then she held my hands on the table and she looked me in the eyes. Dawn smiled. When she told me the following, she slowed her words and packed them with a palatable, authentic awe, “There is life all around you. It’s even swirling around you in the air at this moment. You need to try to stay aware that you are not solely existing on this plane because you are continuously part of that life.” She instructed me to always swing my arms when I walk and to open my hands and feel the air with each stride. She said that the palms of our hands are as sensitive as our third eye, and that is why psychics often raise their hands to feel for energy around them. “Feel the life in the air, no matter where you are, and let it always remind you of its enormity even at a microscopic level that is constantly in motion. It’s not all about you, and you are both creation and a part of this same creation.

I had a spiritual experience when I was a child in Church, but no one ever taught me how to maintain my spiritual light once it was ignited. I think that challenge is different for all of us. Today, I maintain my spirituality primarily through being of service to others in order to get out of my thick head. We are always in motion spiritually. We are either evolving or we are conforming and thus losing traction. There is no middle ground. One size definitely does not fit all in how we nurture that, but being open to new concepts and ideas that can help us stay on the tightrope is key. Embracing life as I walk is vital to my ability to balance. Tuning into life, in its entirety, presents the truth and the freedom that I'm not the center of universe. This awareness keeps me from getting bogged down in my own woes and challenges. I don't have to get lost in my own ego-driven fantasies and adventures which clotheslines my spiritual growth. She reminds me when I walk to clear my head that she is with me, and that I’m part of the force of all living things. Because of that, I’m not missing out of life. Even though she is no longer with us today, I find her wisdom lives on as long as I find value in her words.

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1 Comment

Dustan Shupe
Dustan Shupe
Oct 13, 2020

That’s beautiful. I’m so glad you got to have her in your life and that she had such a positive impact.💙

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