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Directional Aspects

Meditations can have a guiding principle or concept to help us tune into the type of energy we may be seeking to manifest. To help with this, we may want to create a meditation space that allows us to keep certain “spiritual tools”. Like many other things, Spiritual aspects are often iconified. We are tactile beings and when these concepts are tied to other senses, we have recollection. Incense may remind us to be reverent, crosses may bring to mind the aspects of suffrage and/or sacrifice, while a crystal such as Rose Quartz or a picture of our dog may imbue us with the feeling of love. The important thing is the intent we personally assign to these items, not the prefab labels that come with them. Just as important as the consideration for what is on your meditation table, the direction it is facing may also have intent. Most of us don’t often think much about the four directions unless we are traveling, but they are often aligned with elemental references for many reasons which we can also use.

The sun rises in the East bringing in a new day. For this reason, it is often associated with new opportunities or even birth. As an elemental reference, it is assimilated with Air and its properties. Air has movement, is ethereal as it cannot be held and is unpredictable. It is the wind and may be physically represented by smoke from incense. Air is often interpreted as the mind and things of the mind ethereal. If you are looking to seek stillness of the mind, or more mindfulness in your everyday life, then an east-facing meditation table may be leveraged.

A table facing South may be utilized if someone was looking for motivation or passion. South is predominantly aligned with the element of Fire. It is a catalyst for change. It is often directly interpreted as work, but fire has additional properties to consider. As it consumes its source, it sterilized, produces energy which can be used for good or bad. It can also be a more subtle aspect when we look at a bud on a tree that is about to burst with the energy of something wonderful.

The westward mind may seek the comfort and solace of water. Most interpretations for water will exclaim this means love or emotions, but water has other properties that can be observed. Armed with the wonderful ability to change with influence to something different imbued with a different set of properties this could easily be translated that meditations toward the west will help with coping and adapting to aspects of our lives that we cannot change. The other thing that is often overlooked is that water will always find balance. It is responsive to impact, but although always in motion, it does regain a calm and soothing repose.

North is Earth. It is the repository and building blocks for all things living. It is what gives us substance on a physical level. It is solid. In observing the elemental aspects of the directions in a clockwise motion starting with Air, they become more solidified till they reach the Earth. I liken this to the process of manifestation. We initiate intent for something (air), we act (fire), we balance our goal efforts with our life (water) and then it is obtained (earth). Earth is often aligned with the manifestation of goals and in some literal translations it is money. It is also home. If I feel lost and displaced, it is a good place for me to focus my intentions to feel more connected to my life.

Remember that the intentions you assign are what are important. If there is only one wall available, then perhaps you consider a rationale as to why that works for you, but if you have an option, you may want to align the placement with the element of your astrological sign if looking for a deeper introspection of self, as opposed to what was previously discussed. Regardless of what you decide, have purpose in the aspects of preparing for your meditation and may your practice bring you clarity on your path.

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