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Morning Meditation

Updated: Nov 7, 2020

I used to try to set aside time to do meditation at the end of the day until I figured out with some assistance, that it doesn’t do much good to take an aspirin after the headache has gone away.  If I wait until I’m done with my day to meditate, then the benefits of the meditation that could have alleviated some of the “noise” during my most stressful times are reserved until my stress has already resolved.  In Yoga, the practice starts by setting our intentions.  I think this is a beautiful example of how I can best lead my life.  At this time in human evolution, we are a time-crunched society.  We wake with an alarm that gives us just enough time to finish our grooming tasks before we are forced onto our other often back-to-back scheduled events.  When I take a few moments to stop, be still and set my intentions for the day, I find mindfulness, peace and presence of mind.  When I wake up late and panicked, that feeling just follows me through my day.  A law of the universe states that energy cannot be destroyed.  It doesn’t go away.  It is merely transferred.  What we manifest, we distribute.  Do I really want to spread this chaos around to others that I am interfacing with for them to pick up and do the same? Even on days like this, I stop, light a candle and try to find my breath.  What is a few more minutes if I can change the flow of energy so that I’m not a moving tornado of chaos.  If we do not choose our intention, it is set for us by our surrounding circumstances.  We get to decide if we are victim of our day or if we will foster a new way of living.

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