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Rock Solid

When I was first working with different spiritual concepts, I tried to find ways to assist me in tuning into them to keep them fresh in my mind. I would spend a week or two meditating and doing my best to practice aspects of whichever the spiritual concept I was working. My first one I started with was open-mindedness. The rationale for this is without it I am not teachable if I am so full of my own confidence that I already have all the answers. I was introduced to the concept of iconography and decided that I would find a crystal and dedicate it to the spiritual principle I was attempting to manifest. The point was that it would contiguously remind me to practice it as I carried it in my pocket for the entire time. I like the ideology that the creative force of everything also has spiritual traits, and that these aspects solidified into the various crystals. There are lots of different crystals. Each of them arguably attuned to its own vibration, but I needed to decide for myself what each one meant to me. I chose a Moonstone because it reminded me of the actual moon, and I thought about how many people had to open their minds to possibilities just for us to get there. The physicality of the stone itself was a wonderful tool for me to stay mindful. When I struggled with my own ego trying to step in, I would just grasp it and remind myself that “nothing spiritual is rushed.”

My next stone was to teach me hope. I wanted to believe that my life could be better than it was. Faith and fear both require belief in something I cannot see, so why not choose something that was more positive for a change. I picked up Angelite for the cause and named it for that aspect. When I wanted to be more centered, I picked up Hematite because it had magnetic properties and I needed to be with the space I was in. Each I carried for a week or two. As a result, I started becoming more aware of other aspects in my life that I was struggling with. The biggest one seemed to be that I saw what I did with bias. I picked up a clear stone and labeled it for Indiscriminate wisdom for its clarity. I focused on seeing myself as other people saw me. This gave things a new spin. It opened doors for me that had not been visible before. It allowed me to step out of my own head and be more truly charitable and giving without strings attached.

Each iteration brought me greater peace. Each brought me closer to my higher self and my purpose because I was able to spend less time reacting to my life and more time deciding how I intended to act and express my role in each scenario. In my progression, I spent time addressing perseverance with a focus on manifesting things in my life through Malachite, love through Lavender Rose Quartz, releasing negativity through Rutilated Quartz. I learned service to get me out of my own head through Ammonite, self-care via green Tourmaline and I fostered balance through Mookaite Jasper.

Of course, the lesson was not in the stones themselves, but in the practice. Like Yoga or meditation, the benefits are not from a single session, even if they may be amazing. The richest rewards are when we receive the gifts of freedom that we don’t necessarily see all at once, but when we look backwards they are so evident to us that it is often an epiphany from that perspective. In all my years of looking for a relationship, I never stopped to ask myself why anyone should invest their time in me if I’m not willing to do the same thing. Today, I know who I am. I am capable and empowered by rich life experiences. I know what it means to stop and take a moment to breathe, center and balance.

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