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Spiritual Fire

Updated: Sep 26, 2020

Although I initially grew up in a Baptist church, when If first started developing my spiritual self, it was after an experience I had around the loss of someone very close to me.  My default mindset from the pink cloud of spirituality was that I needed to hurry up and get more.  I started a quest to read literature, go to classes, investigate churches and try to soak it all in.  I bought decks of cards, studied crystals, went to drum circles and started scrying.  A good friend kept my head in the right place as we met to share spiritual conversations and have fires in his backyard.  He told me if I ever feel like I was rushed to do something it was the opposite of spirituality. If I wanted to stoke my spiritual fire, I needed to foster it by sitting calmly with it.  What I found was that while the thirst for knowledge is helpful, spirituality was not something that I needed to go get, but rather a smoldering ember inside of all of us that needs some stability, care and oxygen in order to light that fire.  Spirituality doesn’t have a price tag.  It’s not part of a fashion.  It is that connection with the universe where I finally felt in tune with the rest of humanity to the point, I knew I was part of the creative force and always had been.  I wish you all blessings on your journey.

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1 Comment

Janet Freeland-Steinmetz
Janet Freeland-Steinmetz
Feb 28

Beautifully said... we all must venture to find our own awakening.

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