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The true story of Tranquiltonic windchime meditation (love is in the air)

I've told this story to a few people and found their reaction interesting, so I thought I'd share here. I never want to tell people what to believe, so I just tell the events as they happened and let you come up with your own conclusion.

My husband and I were meditating on a hillside in Florida. After the meditation we were talking and I mentioned that the sound of the windchimes was bringing up some nice childhood memories as my parents had windchimes at my childhood home, and that I wanted to get some windchimes for our patio. He asked me, "What windchimes"? I listened again, and realized there was only nature sounds and no chimes, even though I actively listened to them during my meditation. I should have known something was unusual already, but shrugged it off. We did get two sets of windchimes from my sister that were the actual ones I listened to as a kid. She had them from my parents home after they passed. They sounded exactly as I remember, and precisely like the ones I heard during my meditation on the hill.

The chimes were hung on our back screened in porch, which I was disappointed in because they got little to no wind, and I never heard them. I wanted to protect them from the elements by keeping them nearly inside the house because they are old and sentimental. We had a dear friend staying with us immediately after the passing of his long-time partner. His healing wasn't going very well unfortunately, and he commented to me that his deceased partner spoke to him through my windchimes of all things. My thought at the time was I guess he doesn't have much to say as I never hear the windchimes, but I was glad he was having these conversations anyway. Then the unthinkable happened and my friend became sick, was hospitalized and ended up passing exactly one month after his partner.

I was devastated and after getting the news came home to an empty house as my husband was working out of town. As I laid on the couch in the living room to try to process our loss, I was startled to hear the windchimes on the porch as I've never heard them chime from inside the house before. As I looked out the window I could visually verify the chimes were moving and then looked to the trees which were almost completely still. In that moment I remembered what my now passed friend Brett told me, that his partner would speak to him through the chimes. In that moment I believed him. I felt Brett was letting me know he was alright. It changed the way I heard windchimes forever. I started listening to the messages the universe was trying to tell me. It was a moment that made me start paying attention to the world around me and listening for clarity. It was an epiphany!

The chimes still live in our back yard although I did take them down in preparation for a hurricane a while back. I noticed they needed some repair and left them in my garage for quite a long time as I wasn't getting around to working on them. I kid you not, a friend of ours said he had a dream that Brett told him the chimes needed to be put back outside. Again, think what you want to think, this is just the way it happened.

As the weather continued to age the chimes, I thought I would record their sound in case I ever lost them. That recording turned into the "Love is in the Air" meditation that you can listen to on

This isn't the only instances of these chimes "speaking", so I thought I would put the recording out there to see if they "spoke" to anyone else.

I'll post a picture of the chimes as well, they're not as shiny and new as they once were, but you can see for yourself.

Take what you want from this story, but my hope is it reminds us to listen to the world around us and be open to what the universe is trying to tell us. Peace!

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